What's in the box?

Ready made modules

From device or test preparation, tracking and performing tests to secure transmission for specialist review and outcome analysis. Our platform allows you to provide a full service to your customers. Your customers will perform tests, manage results, send data to specialists for evaluation, use audio/video conferences, integrate seamlessly to existing EMR or Practice Management systems, produce enticing reports and better serve their patients. You will increase your efficiency and revenue while cutting down on technology, operations and equipment costs.

Fully hosted solution

No hardware or software is needed on your end, we fully integrate to your device and offer easy, secure, access to our platform via the internet. You can deploy your devices quickly and help providers start using and managing them efficiently. All servers are hosted on our secured facilities with multilpe geographical backups (we can also provide local installations if required)

World class technology and security

Our servers utilize cutting edge cloud technologies, providing compliant encrypted and secured storage , With a dedicated staff of Healthcare IT professional, we provide up to24x7 support while offering outstanding user experience, productivity and results.

Easy integration via XML, EDI, HL7, Web Services can assure full and seamless connectivity using our library of ready made plugins.

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